Besford in the Domesday Book

The Open Domesday project has made available the first free online copy of Domesday Book, revealing data about Besford which were originally collected during the 1990s to create the Domesday Explorer CD-ROM.

This reveals a total population of 10 households (quite small relative to other Domesday settlements) but that Besford paid a very large amount of tax relative to other settlements.

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Hundred: Pershore
County: Worcestershire
Total population: 10 households
Total tax assessed: 10 geld units
Head of manor: Pershore.
Taxable units: Taxable value 10 geld units.
Value: Value to lord in 1066 £0.1. Value to lord in 1086 £2.6.
Households: 2 villagers. 2 smallholders. 4 slaves. 2 female slaves.
Ploughland: 3.5 lord's plough teams. 1 men's plough teams.
Other resources: 4.0 lord's lands. Meadow 20 acres. Woodland 0.5 leagues * 6 furlongs mixed measures.
Lords in 1066: Edward; Leofric; Westminster St Peter, abbey of.
Overlord in 1066: Westminster St Peter, abbey of.
Lords in 1086: Urso of Abetot; Walter Ponther; William the priest.
Tenant-in-chief in 1086: Westminster St Peter, abbey of.

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