Sonja Besford

Sonja Besford (Sonja Batinić-Besford) is a Serbian writer born in Belgrade.

She has five books published in Serbian and two books of poetry in English. In English she is also the author of two plays, numerous short stories and poems published in magazines in UK, USA, Serbia, France, along with many reviews of contemporary literature. These have been translated into various languages. Sonja is the president of the Association of Serbian Writers & Artists Abroad.  She is married to a dentist and lives in London.

Shown is her first poetry collection written in English, Arrivals & Departures, a book of poetry by Sonja Batinić-Besford (2001, 96pp). Foreword by Alan Brownjohn. Drawings by John Besford. Published by The Association of Serbian Writers Abroad.


  1. Besford is also the author of "Summers in Brist and other poems", published by Ambit Books in London.

  2. Dobar dan. Drago mi je da ste mogli da dođete na promociju onomad, na mini-sajmu u Fulham biblioteci. Čini mi se da ste izrazili interes za neke moje knjige pa Vas molim da ih pogledate i da mi - kad i ako imate volje i vremena - eventualno, napišete koju reč komentara, recenzije... Peđa Ristić

  3. Gopodjo Sonja, obraćao sam vam se još jednom povodom rukopisa za štampanje. Ne znam da li je stiglo do vas. Otvorena mi je mogućnost za štampanje knjige u Olypia publish u Londonu. Potrebna mi je odredjena pomoć da bi e knjiga štampala, nadam se da ćete imati razumjevanja kao prestavnik udruženja.
    Marko Suknjaja

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